“Black womanhood is powerful. It is resilient. It is full of love and laughter. Forgiveness and grace. I think about the ability to carry on no matter what. The importance of support in our community goes so beyond what we could even think or imagine. I think we need each other.” -Mariah

There is an unspoken connectedness about the way we create together. There is none better to shoot black women than black women, period. There is none better to tell our stories than ourselves. We are own storytellers, reclaiming our own narrative.

Oh, the many expressions of what it means to be black and a woman. You see joy. You see weariness. You see pride. You see sensuality. You see hope. See, blackness is a not a monolith. You can be hopeful while also being tired as hell. You can experience joy even in the midst of anger and sadness.

Tulle graces the wind, representing freedom. Blue emotes tranquility, calmness. Black women, you emote that same serenity.

This is our declaration of choosing joy. Choosing freedom. Letting love lead us back to ourselves. We are the product of our mothers, our grandmothers and all the black women that came before us. Our ancestors have gifted us with a spirit of resistance. We are their dream.

Thank you to all of the divine black women involved in this project. There’s magic in everything you do. It’s supernatural.

Director/Photographer: Idara Ekpoh @ohyeahitsidy

DP/Producer/Editor: Makayla Nicole @blk.wmn

2nd Unit DP/Production Assistant: Favor Olowokere @favorolowokere

Words: Mariah Parham @mariahmikela

Song: Supernatural - Extended Version by @weareking


Loza Brook @lozabrook_

Kumoyo Wakunguma @moyovibe

Mariah Parham @mariahmikela

Taylor James @hey.its.tay_

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